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Itihad Chouf Souwaijani


Participatory democracy

What is participatory democracy in municipal work
What is participatory democracy in municipal work?

Local development is the ability to take advantage of the available human and material environment and increase those sources sources in quantity and quality and adapted including utility back on all members of society, while ensuring the sustainability of these sources. The human element remains physically, culturally and spiritually and develop the basic requirement for all real development (social capital). And development can not be achieved sense of scientific and comprehensive local dimension and national only through the participation of all actors in society, because of the inherent this review of importance to modify the social behavior of citizens and in building standards and values ​​of positive based on social solidarity and popular participation in stemming from the real needs of the people of development, thus verifies the actual belonging among citizens and are building cooperation and trust between them and the local and national power relationship. The expansion frameworks participation and cooperation in the municipal work and respect for the common life and the relationship with others is one of the pillars of the Democratic Action to the municipality, and serve on the other hand transparency and framing capacities and capabilities in the fields need to be this application ... municipal work is the entrance to the municipal Culture and rehabilitation policy to become public service.

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