Current Partners

Existing partners in the project “to let us build our towns in the Chouf on the base of participatory development of the Balkan region and funded by the EU relations” are respectively

  • Baakleen   Baakline Municipality is the first responsible for the implementation of this project

  •  Etihad Souwaijani  Shared by the Union of Municipalities of Chouf Es Souayjani (first partner)

  • RC logo (2) RC Association (Italy – a second partner)

Also, everyone has a key role in achieving the desired objectives and these roles are summarized as follows


1. Baakleen  The role of the municipality Baakline:

Baakline municipality is working to spread the spirit of democracy through the neighborhood committees that can embody the essence of change and progress in society Baakline and to develop a common vision based on democracy and listening to others. This allows them to hold the responsibilities of the members of the municipal council’s future. In this way the municipal representation on the basis of the representation of neighborhoods may become. Take to most of the neighborhood committees to beautify and clean up their neighborhoods have begun. They communicate with the municipality in order to implement some of the vital projects with large interest to all citizens

It boils down to the municipality Baakline role in the project in the re-formation of neighborhood committees and strengthen its role as follows

  • Establish a mechanism of communication between the municipality and residents of different neighborhoods to connect with them 

  • The establishment of workshops and meetings to sensitize the population about the importance of neighborhood committees 

  • Providing the appropriate environment necessary for the work of these committees  and the environment

  • Provide citizens in neighborhoods with adequate information 

  • Encourage different sectors and segments of the population in neighborhoods and institutions to participate in the work of these committees 

  • Encourage civil society organizations to cooperate with members of neighborhood committees

  • Explain the importance of the establishment of committees Alohiaaly the basis of local development requirements and away from politics 


• Etihad Souwaijani The Role of the Union of Municipalities of Chouf Es Souayjani 

Similar to the task of the Union of Municipalities of Chouf Es Souayjani municipality Baakline important in the spread of democracy and transparency, awareness and stimulate citizens and civil society organizations to contribute to the management of local affairs and the public interest


RC logo (2) The Role of Society (RC) Italian:

RC is an Italian non-governmental organization involved in providing the necessary resources to achieve the project objectives. Their main role is reflected in the conduct awareness campaigns with innovative tools to enrich the community participation, as well as

  • Organizing seminars, workshops and festivals and to develop educational games 

  • Providing training to members of the committees 

  • Monitor the project activities 


• The role of neighborhood committees in Baakline:

Neighborhood committees to cooperate with the municipality in order to evaluate the previous phase of the experiment (via forms were distributed to Members), is currently being put rigorous scientific study on this experience to identify strengths and weaknesses in order to strengthen the current experiment. These committees are also other tasks most important

Clarify the role of community participation in community development 
Determine the desired societal intervention areas from the standpoint of community participation and tools
Clarify the understanding and participation of the population of the nature of the activities carried out by the neighborhood committees
Clarify the ways of cooperation between neighborhood committees and local institutions
Members of the community to identify trends, institutions and members of neighborhood committees, from their point of view about the concept


The role of civil society and representatives of non-governmental organizations, committees and associations, etc…

  • The consolidation of democratic action through active participation in the processes of policy development, planning and decision-making

  • To provide the planning team and working committees of the information and opinions

  • Participation in the membership of the various committees work within the framework of the strategic development of the city Plan

  • The implementation of some development projects plan

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