Idea and Goals

This project aims to achieve the following objectives

  1. Activate the participation of civil society in the Chouf Es Souayjani area in local areas, through the formation of neighborhood committees, which constitute one of the tools of participatory democracy approach

  2. Promote the active role of the neighborhood committees and the Foundation work within the municipality’s policy shop

  3. Publication of openness, transparency and democracy on the local level



Neighborhood committees play a very important role in achieving these goals and the development of the local community. It ensures communication and dialogue between the municipalities and the local community, also plays a role in municipal reporting needs and problems of citizens, and to participate in finding successful ways to solve these problems
It should be noted that the main motive behind the members of the community to join the neighborhood committees is the desire to increase and develop and strengthen their sense of belonging and the importance of teamwork, and then increase self-confidence, and the development of public relations, as well as fill the leisure time with something useful. It does not depend on the restructuring goals and phrases or electoral propaganda or the contents of the speeches on the political platforms, but it goes beyond that to understand the perception to turn to drafting policy and strategy as well as long-term plans or short-term. Thus it becomes programs and projects of the municipalities in a unified line with the needs of the local community and material and human resources
The ultimate goal of the establishment of these committees in the activation of municipal work on a smaller and mainstream concept level because in one neighborhood there are members of all families have a democratic kinship common cause in water and sanitation, roads, and public health and safety, etc., are all issues that require concerted efforts by the municipality and parents to make it a success
Is a neighborhood committees of the most frameworks, methodologies and techniques for successful employment capabilities of people in public affairs and in the things of life in their neighborhoods, based on the capabilities of self. These committees also contribute to building standards and positive values ​​based on solidarity and concerted efforts benevolent towards stemming from the real needs of the people of the development, which builds a relationship of cooperation and trust between the segments of the society on the one hand and between the parents and the municipality on the other hand
Geography is not Jmada, but place pulsed neighborhood vitality, citizens may have to deal with him sometimes insensibly. While the success of neighborhood committees in their tasks could lead to a modification of social behavior and practices of everyday people by involving them in the organization of the year their surroundings and in the development and respect: That’s when they build a personal relationship with their neighborhood and their town, and it changes their behavior toward all that is in and become defenders with him and conservatives on the public domain and public money, and contribute in urging everyone to contribute to public projects
Then that neighborhood committees prove worthiness of its members in front of the people, and thus they become the nucleus of change in their community and getting used to manage public affairs and to develop a common vision based on democracy and listening to the other, allowing them to carry Lists municipal responsibilities in the future municipal councils. And become a municipal representation on the basis of the representation of the town alive

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