Message of baakline

Our people in Baakline,

On behalf of the members of the municipal council, we go sincere thanks for the confidence Mnhtamona them to assume our responsibility. All of us are convinced that the municipality is a fundamental element in community development and in the development conditions, and that the prospects for municipal work is broader than any legal identification. The municipality is not a problem often lies in the laws but in their application that requires culture and control … so our municipality need to follow sound methodologies work to achieve local development desired change, which must be that builds on the local labor … The dependency past the state administration or the municipality responsible for all Development is no longer practical, logic and claim rights without doing the duties was no longer viable … The community neighborhood is Assistant actor and feasible for the municipality, through the consolidation of social ties and expand the frameworks of participation and cooperation, and respect for the common life and the relationship with others. So, if we are to our municipality become the nucleus of a local change and the most important base for the exercise of democracy and to promote concepts, we have to organize ourselves and our responsibility – Officials Moatnon- because development is the year of action, and a common organic from within the community … as democracy is the choice, control and accounting, is an integrated experience of beginning to end and pour the lead, in the interest of the nation and Baakline

   Based on these postulates, and in order to address the current reality in Baakline and work to achieve prosperity, We present you the following suggestions

1.To work together to deploy civil maturity when everybody

So that we match our disposal in what is in our disposal in with what is ours directly: in this area, as officials promise you local maximum efforts in order to Baakline Chouf and development, to show love and dedication to work, and to say a century already. We will work to strengthen social ties and the adoption of collective action product and courageous, and deal with everyone for the benefit of our town and our region and the public interest, the mismatch we go home as it was in its glorious history Baakline
What we need today – as citizens and officials – it is a generalization of the concept of public affairs, namely: respect for public property, respect for public money, and urged everyone to contribute to public projects. We know the general management discussion and serious about public issues, in order to develop a common vision based on democracy and listening to the other. We will try, a municipality, to open the door to dialogue, as much as possible, to identify priorities in projects that seek to link the accountability and transparency, and to frame the capacity and capability in the fields require this application


 2. Involve young people in the public domain

Baakline in youth energy and great ability to change and development. The participation of young people in public affairs is even growled right now in Lebanon – especially since young people under twenty-first-lived they are deprived of the right to run the election and on the municipal and national levels. Our faith in youth Bakulaina large size of our aspirations to development and change, because we are all – the municipality, NGOs, Massat- on the output of our children from the despair that Taatarihm and push them to actively participate with us in making their future and the future of our town

3. Involvement of women in public affairs.

So that they become an essential pillar of planning social, economic and political development, which sees the woman as a human being producer and creative energy. We pride that Baakline constitute a typical case of the reality of the participation of the broad and leading women in social organizations, which play a prominent role in the upbringing and education and social development in our town: many examples and clear for Women have made a and contribute to the development of our society in various Maadenh … also constitutes Chouf spend a typical case unique and advanced with the presence of three women at the head of the municipal Cilhn out of six women heads of the municipality on the area of ​​each country, in addition to heading the Union of Municipalities of the two women out of 53 of my union in Lebanon. As I had the honor of heading the Union of Municipalities of Chouf Es Souayjani with Ms. Myrna Murr heading the Union of Metn towns … I have to draw from here all my appreciation and thanks to my family in Baakline and Chouf and the people of every city and village brought to its municipal council woman. Therefore thank the politicians, led by His Excellency Mr. Walid Jumblatt’s Progressive insured the capabilities of women and their potential as a change and development … I have opened wide the way for Bakulainah women and Alshovah to become essential in the decision, along with the man, and prove that their success is the success of the whole society. How not, and the municipality are a natural extension of the space for women where they can work to improve the immediate surroundings of her family and her children

It remains a big dream in the development of scientific and comprehensive concept. This dream is not reflected only through the participation of all actors in our society, because of the inherent this review of importance to modify social behavior and building standards and values ​​of positive based on solidarity and concerted benevolent efforts to achieve stemming from the real needs of the people of the development .. which strengthens the actual affiliation We have to land Tandhanna generously, and builds a relationship of cooperation and trust between everyone and between the municipality
In 2013, the municipality of Baakline won a project funded by the European Union (worth 54%) under the title: “to build towns in the Chouf region on the base of participatory democracy .ENPI / 2013 / 329-025” .oeshml development of this project all the towns of Chouf Es Souayjani solid cooperation and fruitful cooperation with the heads and members of municipal councils and mayors and the people in these towns

For we are all working for the prosperity of Baakline, Are we ready for the challenge, and chart the way to tomorrow … Can we in our municipality to create a new path may change the depth the concept of citizenship in exercising daily and enters Baakline in democracy and development path at the level of message this town … the challenge remains subject to our will – officials and citizens

Thanks to you we can enhance the experience for neighborhood committees in Baakline which started since 2006, and roll out to the rest of the towns of Chouf Es Souayjani

We would like this site to become a platform for communication and dialogue and to receive suggestions and any project you would like to do in order to Baakline and Chouf interest that remain always above all else

Ancient history and our present and promising to work together for a prosperous future for our region and to develop them share in making a social issue and a commitment that is both individually

Hand in hand, we can change and progress towards achieving our ambitions as citizens in the building at the level of his homeland, and rise to the ranks of developed countries, God willing


Mayor of Baakline
President of the Federation of Municipalities of Chouf Es Souayjani
Dr.M Nuha Abu Ajram Ghoseini