Start of Experiment

The start of the experiment in the Union of Municipalities and the Municipality of Chouf Es Souayjani Baakline

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Began to experience the creation of neighborhood committees in Baakline in the implementation of the “partnership” project, which form an ambitious initiative from the European Union and the Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Development in order to improve the performance of municipal work in Lebanon, this initiative has included the Union of Municipalities of Chouf Es Souayjani. And generous contribution by the European Union Commission, the Minister of State for Administrative Development Office launched the Aral project – “partnership” to promote decentralized cooperation with European Municipalities and municipal gatherings twelve which currently has about two hundred municipalities. And the ministry team has worked to add three other gatherings so that the number of municipalities become involved in the “Aral” project about two hundred and sixty municipality (ie a third of the Lebanese municipalities) evenly distributed over the entire Lebanese territory

“Partnership” project form an extension of the project “Aral – Prepare municipality projects in the framework of a simplified scheme for local development”. He has sought the latter in its first phase Alyosaa and deepen the role of local communities in achieving balanced in the Lebanese regions development through the promotion of exchange and integration relations among villages and towns gatherings and consolidate constructive use of the techniques of strategic planning and capacity building for the implementation of local development plans, and through two approaches two

Simkanieh  Mazra'a  kahlunieh

The first approach to the revitalization of the process involved as a principle and mechanism of action of the municipal councils provide them with the energies and human resources value in geographical scope, where formed “advisory body” standing in each grouping includes the energies distributed all productive sectors, economic, social and others, as well as civil society bodies and local clubs and women’s associations, youth and sports, etc. This body worked full transparency and cooperation with municipalities to discuss the conditions of towns and identify needs within the priorities being agreed upon together, was through formulating and implementing development programs and projects for gatherings and seek to get the support of donors and follow up their implementation as a process means the entire community

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The advisory body is rich in human resources and energies needed by the municipal council to build its capabilities and resources constantly. Which earns municipalities local democratic character in direct representation and seek to express their interests, aspirations and concerns and expectations among parents, not how and municipal councils elected based on the delegate-fought legitimately can of pronunciation on behalf of voters in front of the references official central departments and the bodies and organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions, foreign The international donor

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And demonstrated the second approach in establishing offices for local development in communities twelve, of functions: support the work of the elected in the promotion of human and physical abilities in strategic planning and participation with the local community in the environmental and urban heritage management areas, to highlight the tourist attractions that characterize the gatherings twelve, and in the activation Media communication with various segments of society and donors. However, these offices work almost paralyzed by the end of the Aral project by the interruption due to funding by the European Union and the inability of the Lebanese municipalities to shoulder the financial responsibilities towards these offices and their employees

Baakline2And we remained us the benefits of the unique experience that we have lived in the municipality of Our Unions, which devised the municipality Baakline experience in participatory democracy and the creation of neighborhood committees in 2006 was not my ability as head of the Federation of Municipalities of Chouf Es Souayjani that continued experience at the level of all the towns of the Union to the lack of human and financial resources in the Union for the implementation of projects Committees in the towns of Union and achieve their ambitions. So wearing the above-mentioned project “to build towns in the Chouf region on the base of participatory democracy development” (ENPI / 2013 / 329-025), and funded by the European Union, this project wearing of extreme importance to me and to all the people of Chouf in the launch of experimenting with participatory democracy and neighborhood committees in whole towns Chouf Es Souayjani namely: Baakline, Aatarin, Ainbal, Gharife, farm Chouf, Alekhalonah, Asamghanih, new Chouf and eye Zan.alchukr all thanked the European Union and the heads and members of municipal councils and all residents and residents of the Chouf Es Souayjani to assist them in the completion of this project, publicly shape in towns unique and distinctive experience in the world of Lebanese and participating municipalities to real dialogue and democracy Base