Target Audiences

Target Audiences:

Youth: a pity that the Lebanese youth under the age of twenty-one and denied their right to vote and stand for elections at the local and national levelsCA08X0368H_2010資料照片_N71_copy1

Women: the proportion of women’s participation in political decision remains very weak in Lebanon compared to other countriesgirlsholdinghands

Minorities (especially members of small families) feel alienated from their community to participate in the municipal council and management of public affairs.

Residents: who have different origins for the town in which they live: they are forbidden from participating in elections and decision-making process in their place of residence, so the remaining needs are not being heard primarily by municipal elected body

People with special needsAcsauvel-sport-show-750x420



The ultimate beneficiaries

All citizens Chouf Es Souayjani (70,000) people

Local authorities: 9 municipalities and the Union of Municipalities


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